• Brand Strategy

    When engagement, strategic planning and creative execution come together, the results are consumer transactional success and brand loyalty

  • Customer Acquisition

    Build and optimize sales funnels for lead generation and brand campaigns

  • Consumer Journey

    Strategy that builds experiential marketing for brand loyalty and data optimization

  • Channels

    Utilizing DRTV|Digital|Social Media|Radio|Print|Home Shopping|Retail with modeled attribution methodology for AOV and LTV

  • Media

    Direct oversight of all media channels to maximize campaign profitability

  • Logistic Management

    Support operational efficiencies for a strong foundation

Consumer Focused Marketing Integration and Execution

At THOR Associates, we take on complex marketing challenges by focusing on engagement with the consumer for an authentic “journey”. THOR's core mission is to deliver Omni-channel Brand Response solutions for DRTV, Digital, Radio and Print campaigns. Our successful strategy is reliant upon building relatable marketing messaging to the consumer. The key to delivering a robust lifetime value is the result of strong transactional initiatives. From inception to fruition, THOR attains KPI’s by initiating best practices to mitigate risk while providing careful preparation to insure that the campaign meets and exceeds expectations and goals.

Brand Response|DRTV Production and Media Management: THOR manages the production of DRTV Brand creative assets that are leveraged across all tactics as the “halo” for digital and traditional channels. In tandem with creative development, a detailed Media Management strategy is designed and implemented to reach campaign goals. The primary benchmarks for attribution in each channel are measured against key elements of the profitability “funnel” from commercial air to consumer response, always keeping KPI’s at the forefront.

THOR Associates also has strong experience in the Multi-Cultural Market place. Success in the Hispanic vertical goes far beyond translating a campaign into Spanish. It involves a deep insight into the culture, psychographic, lifestyle and usage patterns of the market. THOR Associates has delivered exceptional results for our Hispanic campaigns as well as receiving industry recognition with a “Best U.S. Hispanic Short Form Show” award.

Our Digital experience is just as dynamic. The THOR team ensures that attribution is quantified and that the results we achieve are turned into actionable steps by optimizing TV creative assets for digital tactics. Our approach to interactive marketing is the key to insuring a strong Share of Voice throughout each campaign.

THOR believes harnessing the power of Data Management and Analytics is the ultimate driver of business success in today's environment. Team members utilize all available data elements: competitive intel, historical information, current media performance, environmental queues and published third party data. THOR crafts the initial launch strategy using this information and ongoing, analyzes data to pivot and pull the proper levers for key results.

Results. ROI. Revenue. THOR Associates delivers a message that develops consumer engagement by building communities and sharing authentic stories. Scaling “Influence” is a process. At THOR Associates, transactional marketing, lead gen and product purchase are the foundation for attaining memorable brand arcs.

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