eLearning is a Marketing Dream

When marketing for eLearning brands it is important to define goals. The parameters should include a Scope of Work both for Traditional and Digital channels.  Prior to that occurrence, THOR Associates has found that a Strategic Audit for Marketing (S.A.M.) needs to occur.  The Audit measures metrics and reviews every part of each marketing channel.

Questions asked would start with:

  • What marketing channels have been used in the last two years? 
  • Are they marketing to a Hispanic demographic that is fluent in English?
  • Are there other available product revenue streams for multi-channel marketing integration that your brand is not offering?
  • How has the brand pivoted marketing strategy based on the attribution of measurable synergistic touch points between traditional|digital marketing?
  • What are the brand’s goals for growth?

A Strategic Audit for Marketing (S.A.M.) is a tool THOR has created to determine how to open the funnel to both the English and Hispanic marketplace.  It also allows for a “Roadmap to ROI” for marketing transformation.  With the S.A.M. most brands can also expand and develop an international presence if allowed. THOR has been able to utilize Linear TV assets CTV and OTT opportunities as a halo to drive qualified consumers to the eLearning website. 

Our team at THOR Associates has explored marketing in the Traditional sense by leveraging a clear strategy utilizing channel tactics, while knowing where to pivot for growth. THOR’s traditional marketing capabilities include: Marketing Transformation, Brand Awareness and Brand Building, Customer Acquisition, Creative Production Execution, Media: TV, CTV, OTT, Marketing Strategy, Radio, Print, Home Shopping and Live Shopping, Transactional Marketing, Lead Gen, Multi-Cultural Lines of Business Launch, and International Product Launch. Digital media will be used to deliver Paid Social and both branded and non-branded search opportunities.  Digital Lead Generation capabilities include Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Ads, Email Marketing, Programmatic Media, Mobile Marketing, Web Design, Web Development, Data Visualization, CRM and Marketing Automation, Call Tracking, Data Hygiene and CPA Management. With these initiatives KPIs are established and ROI goals will be met.