Emotional Connecting is the Secret to Successful Lead Gen

Regarding Lead Gen opportunities within Insurance and Financial verticals it is important to identify where the customer is in the sales journey and how to take them to the next step so that your brand is acquiring a customer for life not just an initial sale.   The metrics for measuring Direct Marketing success such as “What is the Lifetime Value of a Customer?”  and “What is the Average Order Value” is more important than ever.  Customer insights allow marketing teams to understand specifically how to touch the consumer which then sets strategic pivots for future marketing and advertising endeavors.  We are seeing that Omni-Channel traditional and digital campaigns support each other.  Linear Television, CTV and OTT drives to the web opening the funnel for Lead Gen opportunities. For the past 7 years, I have worked with Insurance Clients that have looked for transactional revenue from Omnichannel marketing campaigns.  The results have led THOR to encourage brands seeking growth marketing to do one thing that may seem obvious but is often overlooked. They need to touch the consumer inclusively and repeatedly.

Educating and having a clear call-to-action is of great importance for having consumer engagement.  There are too many “misses” in marketing today because stakeholders do not understand the emotional connection that needs to be nurtured through frequency of advertising followed up by retargeting within Insurance and Financial marketing. Being authentic is the key to successful lead gen campaigns. Content and messaging must resonate with the brand’s purpose and the take-away result?  Loyalty.  With Insurance advertising, it is important to not only provide the consumer the benefits of a policy it is also paramount that brands create emotional inclusivity which “leads” to picking up the phone or going online and purchasing a policy.